Tips for Social Media Marketing

We have so many new platforms popping up everyday, Using Social Media correctly means a lot to our career now, however, there are so many medium and businesses still aren’t taking advantage from those opportunities to connect with consumers. One thing to remember is using social media pages is not just post things or links on it, but also think about where, when and how you use it.

There are so many other tips to use in Social Media Marketing. For instance, build a nice twitter/Facebook to grow your audience, Analyze past content to improve new posts, optimize visual content with links and pictures, use social updates to write blog posts, and focus on one social media channel. It’s easy and free to work on a website or a blog today. Everyone can decide how to start and how to run it, thus, understand how Social Media operates will help a lot

In addition, according to a some experts, they recommend that “you should post about yourself approximately 20 percent of the time and use the other 80 percent for something else, such as useful data and content” I can’t agree more with this because as a consumer, what I really care about is how can you solve my problem? What are your special abilities that other companies do not have? Not what you are selling.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is definitely playing a big role in our daily life due to technology progressing. We can gain so many benefits for our career and life by using it efficiently; however, many people still can’t tell what exactly the definition of Social Media is. For instance, I’ve heard some people are confused about what’s different between Social Media and Social News. In short, Social Media contains a lot of things, and Social News is one of them.

Media is an instrument on communication, sharing information just like a newspaper or a television. You can watch the news or reports on television, but you won’t be able to give your thoughts back at that moment. On the other hand, Social Media is different because it allows you to communicate and interact with other website visitors (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…etc).

Also, Using Social Media is very common today. Businesses use it on marketing products, promoting brands reputation, and connecting with more customers. The goal is to create more compelling content and make users share it with their social networks, increase the popularity of brands at meanwhile.